Themes for thesis framework

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Themes for thesis framework

Future Outlook Efficiency Both frameworks are obscenely fast!

Themes for thesis framework

When used in combination with W3 Total Cacheand a decent server setup both frameworks can be served up in under 1 second even when heavily customized. Genesis more or less uses the traditional WordPress method of using different templates for the header, sidebar, footer, index, etc.

Thesis Themes for thesis framework completely ignores this structure.

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At the end of the day. Genesis Out of the box, Genesis achieves a score of 82 out of on YSlow. Its score deductions come mostly because my setup is not using a content delivery network or gzip compression. The deductions that can be controlled by the theme come from the 3 javascripts.

The total page download for the Genesis homepage under this setup is This means the entire page requires 7 HTTP requests. For the record, HTTP requests are usually the main culprit when it comes to high page load times.

Thesis Thesis achieves a score of 82 out of on YSlow.

Thesis Theme Plans and Pricing They offer some beautiful themes themselves, and made their framework available under the GPL license. They have documented Gantry very well, and actively improve it based on their experiences and community input.

It has the same score deductions as Genesis accept that it receives larger deductions because it has 3 style sheets instead of one. The total page download for the Thesis homepage under this setup is Thesis developer Chris Pearson has stated publicly that he plans to eventually cut down on the number of style sheets, and that would certainly help.

For now, you can use W3 Total Cache to minify the stylesheets and combine them into one.

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That cuts out two HTTP requests right there. Where the Rubber Meets the Road So, all of these ratings and statistics give us a decent barometer for efficiency, but ultimately what matters is the actual page load time.

YSlow also records the amount of time a page takes to load. In as close to an unbiased test as possible, using the same setup as above, ignoring load results over 1 second, and running tests for each theme under default settings here are the results: Average Thesis page load time: Thesis without the multimedia box image or custom.

It should also be noted that Thesis comes with a stylesheet specifically for Internet Explorer 6 and 7. While I have not encountered any issues specifically because of this in my experience with Genesis, the potential is certainly there for issues with those browsers.

Having an additional style sheet would be a welcomed addition. Learning Curve Both frameworks do the heavy development lifting using hooks, filters, and CSS style sheets. The way they go about it is slightly different okay, almost completely differentif you can learn to use hooks in Thesis, you can definitely learn to use them in Genesis.

Thus, in terms of learning curve, the differentiating factor definitely lays with options panels. These are two of the best options panels in the industry. The options can be more or less summarized into two separate divisions: Both frameworks offer options panel for site-wide changes as well as post and page specific options.

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You have a ridiculous amount of control over what goes in the head of your HTML document, and you can control what portion of your homepage is wrapped in an h1 tag which has some serious SEO implications!

Of course the standard custom title tags, custom meta descriptions, and custom meta tags are included, but you also have the ability to add your own custom canonical URL for each individual post. Then, I go looking for the design options and an extremely efficient framework with phenomenal SEO options leaves me wanting more.

The design options in Genesis leaves me sorely disappointed. Brian Gardner and Co.Ahead, we’ll do a detailed comparison between Thesis and Genesis, two of the top premium themes on WordPress and used by millions of site owners.

Genesis It comes in 2 packages, Genesis Framework and Genesis Pro Plus Package, priced at $ and $ respectively. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Thesis is a advanced WordPress theme framework, offering more control over design and functions. But with the increased flexibility comes a higher learning curve if you want to write your own code. Sep 14,  · Honors thesis definition and Thesis framework themes in writing project To strengthen your essays themes framework thesis.

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When Thesis was released, it came without any documentation – causing a lot of people a lot of anguish – especially users of earlier versions of Thesis. They’ve gotten better by actually publishing some documentation, but it’s light.

Thesis Theme vs Genesis Theme: A Wordpress Premium Theme Comparison