The controversy surrounding the construction of the panama canal

Early European explorers of the Americas identified the narrow band of land between northern and southern America as an ideal place to construct a canal to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The controversy surrounding the construction of the panama canal

Our purpose in presenting these Corp. The District of Columbia Act of incorporated the municipal government of the District of Columbia into a municipal corporation. From time to time people ask us questions similar to the following: Standard for Review Rule 1: To understand any relationship you must: First understand who the parties are from their origin ; Always know yourself first start at Genesis 1: Review the details of the relationship in question only after you have completed the review required by Rule 1, then review the actual terms of the relationship and the details in question in accord with what you learned from applying Rule 1.

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The DCOA describes its venue as: Under that Act, Congress also made the President the civic leader of the local government in all matters in said Territory. Then, on February 27,under the second District of Columbia Act, two counties were formed and their respective officers and district judges were appointed.

Further, the established town governments of Alexandria, Georgetown and Washington were recognized as constituted and placed under the laws of the District, its judges, etc. Then, on March 3,a Supplementary Act to that last Act, noted here, added the authority that the Marshals appointed by the respective District Court Judges collectively form a County Commission with the authority to appoint all officers as may be needed in similarity to the respective State officials in the states whence the counties Washington and Alexandria came, those being: Maryland and Virginia, respectively.

What we have presented is sufficient to show the basics of who the parties are as they related to resolving the answer to the question above. We admonish everyone to prove the facts for themselves by their own research. Congress had at least three problems they could see no way to directly cure by following the laws of the land as constituted: There were other problems; but, these three stand out from the rest.

That is enough about the environment for the purposes of this review; however, the more you study the historical events of this time, the more obvious the relationships will become and the more proof you will amass to prove the facts of what actually happened. In the interest of time, space and the topic of this response, we will move on.

Thus, we review the first paragraph of the DCOA; where: That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes … and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation.

Though historians can make history appear to change by rewriting it for those unwilling to study the past from the actual records of the past.

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Even Congress cannot change the actual history. However, the records speak for themselves only if, and when, we study them. When you consider the historical facts, the only meaning left for the terms given in the opening paragraph of the DCOA and that which follows is, the municipal corporation that was created is a private corporation owned by the actual government.

Further, the only government created in that Act was the same form of private government any private corporation has within the operation of its own corporate construct. We also note Congress reserved the right, granted them in said Constitution, to pass and enforce virtually any law within the District of Columbia; which is almost complete dictatorial authority over their Corp.

The controversy surrounding the construction of the panama canal

Thus, Congress can lawfully use Corp. Respectively through that authority ; the members of Congress now wore two hats; one hat for their original jurisdiction government official seat and a second more effective hat as as a corporate board member titled with the same names: Thus, our historical records and laws clearly show that Corp.

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We find no legal or lawful problem with the formation of Corp. Of course, because the people failed to exercise such vigilance, that is exactly what is happening today. Respectively, the only way to peacefully remedy this situation is the people must learn the law and apply it to restore our original jurisdiction government see: Such a remedy is exactly why Team Law is here to help you learn how to learn the Law; so, you can apply it to preserve our peace, your freedom and our nation.

The controversy surrounding the construction of the panama canal

Of course, so long as people continue to focus their minds on imagining doom and gloom because of what they think other people are, or are not, willing to do, they limit themselves from the only thing that keeps them from becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Thus, that limit keeps them from being successful. The solution is simple, because it starts with each one of us and there is no time like the present to start making a difference. We have repeatedly proven that learning and applying the law works.

And, History proves that, even at the worst of times, the best opportunities of our lives can only happen if we take the first step. Therefore, as you start to move in the right direction to create a powerful positive future for yourself—the world starts to change—you make it a better place.

The first step is to imagine that powerful positive future.By Al Mauroni Today, newspapers and news desks use the words “weapons of mass destruction,” anthrax, smallpox, and nerve agents at least weekly, if not daily.

Developing defenses against these unconventional weapons has been the mission of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps since its inception in as the American Expeditionary Force’s Gas Services. History and information on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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As construction of the canal wore on, employment in the Panama Canal Zone had swelled into huge numbers, bringing with them townships and businesses. Upon completion, thousands of workers were laid off and townships demolished, forcing businesses to close. The expansion, which began in September , will double the capacity of the existing, year-old Panama Canal by adding a new lane of shipping traffic and building a new set of locks.

Aug 15,  · Overall these annuities, purchase of the land, cost of building the canal and airfields, royalty payments have amounted to over 18 billion and million dollars that the American taxpayer has been stuck with on the Panama Canal.

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