Taking a stand against peta

Who are we doing this versus? Some old news I only just heard about: PETA is offering to pay the water bills for needy Detroit families if and only if those families agree to stop eating meat.

Taking a stand against peta

Unfortunately Pata Zoo is another place we came across with a lot of animal suffering. The Pata department store is a decrepit building in the middle of a local area of busy Bangkok.

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On the top two floors of the building is Pata Zoo with over two hundred species of wild animals. They live in stinking concrete enclosures obsessively pacing back and forth all day.

The proper term for this behaviour is called zoochosis; an obsessive repetitive movement that is caused by being held captive and not having natural needs met.

Other behaviours we witnessed were bar biting and licking, rocking back and forth, and circling. We took our time at Pata Zoo to properly assess the dire situation for every animal and here is just a small portion of what we witnessed. Humbolt the penguin-the last surviving member of a group of twelve penguins, either stands inside a small concrete box facing the wall, or sleeps in the same box.

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Instead of calling beautiful islands and caves along the pacific coast of South America home, his existence is reduced to being put on display in an air conditioned room at Pata Zoo.

We also came across turtles in filthy water, rabbits panting in the heat, beautiful tropical birds with very little room to fly, and dead snakes and lizards.

But what caused me to lose my composure, was a mother Orangutan and her baby boy. These are animals who have their freedom and nature taken away everything that makes their lives meaningful so humans can get their selfie with a funny Orangutan in a tshirt, or knock on the window as a polar bear swims by for the th time.

Like in most countries; animals are seen as objects, property to possess, and money making machines. They are not seen as sentient beings who feel, suffer, stress, love, think, and desire to be free as much as you and I. In our eyes this is a crime.

The time has come to recognize the rights of all sentient beings, and stop taking what does not belong to us.

Our Day at Pata Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand - Mindful WanderlustMindful Wanderlust

We must strike at the roots of cruelty. This is a call to anyone who cares about the world we live in and every single inhabitant on it. If this stirs any emotion in you, please stand up and make an effort to raise awareness. We all must count on each other to make and be the change that we so badly need in this world.

People need to come to this realization in order for things to truly change. Please stop contributing to all forms of animal exploitation.Essence of Tipiṭaka.

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PREFACE. 1 WHAT IS VINAYA PIṬAKA? 2 VINAYA PIṬAKA 1. Pārājika Pāḷi. 2. Pācittiya Pāḷi. 3. Mahāvagga Pāḷi. 4. Cūḷavagga Pāḷi.

Taking a stand against peta

5. Parivāra Pāḷi. 3 WHAT IS SUTTANTA PIṬAKA? 4 DĪGHA NIKĀYA 1. Collooney Tartan Tease has been crowned Best in Show on the final day of Crufts But there was drama as the final result was announced as PETA protesters invaded the ring and 'put the safety. The NAACP teamed up with the Poor People's Campaign at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church to ring in the new year Sunday night with a renewed sense of passion for long-standing issues on their agenda.

Hunters Against PETA is aimed against those who try every single day to put a stop to our God given right and love - HUNTING. Every single day there are people fighting against us, trying to persuade politicians to shut us down and take away our hunting rights.

I think the heuristics against “taking advantage of people’s misery” makes sense, because sometimes there are situations where some people cause other people’s misery in order to take advantage of it later. We certainly want to prevent that.

This afternoon I got an email about a new video that the People For Ethical Animals (PETA) had posted on their social media sites.

Taking a stand against peta

My first thought was to roll my eyes, PETA isn’t exactly known to be the sane voice in animal welfare or even animal rights for that matter, but never the less [ ].

PETA Kills Animals