Suicide bombers motivation and recruitment essay

It is dramatic, frightening and can be very effective for the terrorist group which employs it.

Suicide bombers motivation and recruitment essay

Comments Suicide terror has become a daily news staple. Who are these human bombs, and why are they willing to die in order to kill? Many observers turn to Islam for an explanation. They cite the preponderance of Muslim bombers today, indoctrination by extremist institutions, and the language used in jihadi statements.

But these arguments fall short. At present, bombers are primarily Muslim, but this was not always so. Rather, militants and bombers are propelled by social ties. Almost years ago, Emile Durkheim contended that religious ideation is born of sentiment.

Suicide bombers motivation and recruitment essay

This is worth considering in the current context. Against the repression, alienation and political helplessness of the Muslim world, jihad speaks of individual dignity and communal power.

To stop the bombers of today and tomorrow, we need to figure out why. A Different Profile Suicide attacks have been a prominent tactic in insurgent movements since the s. Then, analysts believed that bombers and their masterminds were irrational, if not crazy, or had given up on life because of desperate circumstances such as poverty, depression, or social failure.

However, data that have since been compiled show that suicide attackers come not from the criminal, illiterate, or poor, but from largely secular and educated middle classes. They do not exhibit signs of sociopathy or depression, nor do they appear to have suffered more than their respective populations.

Surprisingly, many are volunteers, rather than recruits. There is, in short, no individual-level profile for a suicide bomber. Human bombs are a product of structural, social, and individual interactions. Rather than evince suicidal tendencies -- as the term "suicide bombers" connotes -- psychological autopsies of past and would-be bombers show many of these individuals to be wholly, even altruistically invested in life.

As a result, it is more apt -- and less misleading -- to refer to these individuals as "human bombs" rather than "suicide bombers. This is easy to understand. If bombers were once "normal" people, then religious indoctrination could explain their fanatical behavior.

Moreover, the numbers are powerful: It would be difficult to deny that Islamic inspiration is at work in the motivation and mobilization of rising terror. Inspiration is not causation, and a growing body of data suggests that Islamic indoctrination and belief are not the answer. Below, I audit several arguments commonly offered in support of the religious terror thesis.

At present, 31 of 35 organizations perpetrating suicide terror are Muslim. But five years ago, a majority of attacks were carried out by secular rather than religious organizations. Because religion-terror correlations have changed over time, they tell us little about causation.

Even if the statistics were stable, it is not possible to infer bomber motivations from organizational charters. Rather than ask who is perpetrating the attacks, we need to ask why.

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Here history can help. Martyr missions made their official twentieth-century debut in the Second World War with the Kamikazes; they showed up again in the s, when Viet Cong sympathizers exploded themselves amidst U. Their debut in the Islamic world was not until the s, during the Iran-Iraq war.The biggest motivation for a suicide bomber is the despair and hopelessness in their lives.

They also get motivated because of promises of afterlife’s, not to mention American imperialism (Lauri Friedman). Suicide bombers can be from any age and have all kinds of educational backgrounds. Views Towards the Suicide Bombers Essay examples.

Marginalization and humiliations Essay. A+. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. A Tamil tiger is another example that Pape has used to show that suicide bombers derive their motivation in the quest for freedom.

Suicide Bombers Motivation and Recruitment ; West Bank, Gaza and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Female suicide bombers seem to have caused uproar among the international community, as heads of state and scholars appear shocked to learn that they would now need to broaden the scope of potential suicide bombers.

However, the reaction of the international community is surprising. While this particular quandary may appear unknowable to Filkins, the motivation behind suicide bombers’ actions may be more Show More What is Suicide and Why Does It .

This essay will discuss the history of suicide bombing, the training of a bomber, the personality of a suicide bomber, the different motivations behind his or her action, and the way culture impacts the bombing and the bomber.

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The second phase of the indoctrination process is the recruitment stage. Conclusion: The reasoning behind suicide bombings is various and wide-ranging.

Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of.

Intrinsic and External Factors and Influences on the Motivation of Suicide Attackers