Staff motivation analysis in vodafone

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Motivation of health workers is necessary to generate the organizational commitment towards the patients and the hospital and therefore the knowledge about what motivates and satisfies them is very essential. The aim of the project was to investigate and analyze the various factors that help in motivation of the health workers while performing their clinical duties in the hospital.

Staff motivation analysis in vodafone

Employee Motivation in Vodafone Background Managers in a corporation achieve their tasks by means of their subordinates. These days, the managers are struggling with the transitions taking place at work and highly involved in the reinvention of everything at work.

Certain companies have made failed attempts to bring changes and they are struggling to comprehend the novel work environment. The fact for most of them is that the management does not know what exactly needs to be changes for increasing the motivation level of the workers.

Motivating employees is no longer the same in present times as it was in past. It is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to spot, manage and motivate the workers. Motivation is a vital organizational concept and companies are ready to employ and consistently look for motivated workers having the capability of motivating others Ather, Khan and Hoque, The present research proposal intends to study the employee motivation in Vodafone together with the different factors that lead to this phenomenon.

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An approach which encourages certain people to perform nicely may not be suitable for others.


Though the subject of motivation has been widely studied but it still stays at the core of modern teaching, parenting and invigorating efforts on the job.

These premises are more appropriate for US firms as the theories were developed and propagated there. Motivation is still a very vast area and there is no lucid answer as to why some people get motivated differently.

Based on this discussion it is evident that there is lot of scope on this front and hence the present study attempts to do that. To understand how motivation helps in enhancing performance. To identify the factors which actually drive high performance in Vodafone. Research Questions — What are the factors that trigger employee motivation and high performance in Vodafone?

How motivation helps in enhancing performance? Literature Review Introduction The common perception is that everyone can be easily motivated. Nonetheless, individuals do not get motivated by the same factors, for the same reasons, at the same time or with the same extent.

Due to this reason, it is crucial that both supervisors and managers comprehend the aspects that encourage people.

The theories of motivation offer managers with a structure for understanding and encouraging their staff members by emphasizing the impact some factors have on motivation.

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Every theory offers definite suggestions to better manage the human capital. As per Lauby, managers cannot take just one of the motivational theories and employ it word by word because of the dynamics within the workplace that intervene while applying them in their purest form.

Podmoroff, further explains that though all these premises try to explain why individuals work and what will augment their inclination to work more effectively and efficiently, not all theories see this process in similar manner.

It for all such reasons that the topic of motivation has been chosen for providing an analytical view of some of the prominently used motivational theories to garner proper comprehension related to their commonalities and determine the factors which enhance employee motivation.

Defining motivation In the words of Fargus, motivation can be defined as directional and intentional. The term directional signifies the existence of a triggering force targeted at achieving a particular goal.

According to Thomas, the concept of motivation pertains to the drive within a person that stimulates, directs and sustains his behavior. Theories of motivation A number of theories have been propagated over all these years with the view of capturing the essence of motivation. Every theory determines those elements that they contend are crucial in explaining how people get motivated.

There are two basic categories of these theories i. Content theories of motivation As per Grenway content theories are focused on the internal factors which provoke, direct and maintain or restrict behavior. As per this theory, individuals always need and desire for more and what they need is dependent on what is already with them.

Maslow suggested that needs of human beings can be segregated into five major areas, organized in a particular sequence as per their significance for the individual and this is what is known as the hierarchy. These needs are explained below — Physiological needs — The most basic or the lowest level needs are physiological needs.

In a company, such needs comprise of normal work conditions, pay, cafeteria to eat etc.

Motivation related to performance appraisal and employee performance Performance appraisal plays a key role to measure the employee’s performance and help the organization to check the progress towards the desired goals and objectives (Ijbmr, ). Leadership and planning, corporate culture, reward and recognition, training and development, motivation and benefit are considered to be the main principles of employee satisfaction. In order to examine the relationship quantitatively three hypotheses have been developed. Vodafone commissioned two primary research surveys, which form the core of this The secrets of employee motivation and loyalty A motivated, productive and loyal workforce requires more than flexibility. In this analysis, two other elements have a far more pronounced impact on employee motivation and loyalty.

As per Maslow theory, the actions of employees will be directed towards satiating such desires. As soon as such wants are fulfilled they will not influence behavior of employees any longer.

Safety needs — On the fulfillment of the physiological needs of the employees, the next level of the ladder becomes prominent. Safety needs in the company consist of medical aid, provident fund, pension, health and safety together with job security and stability.

The existence of such benefits will satiate the safety needs of the employees Long, Ad Analysis VODAFONE Origination of Vodafone In , Vodafone acquired Hutchinson Essar and became known as Vodafone Essar. Later that same year, the branding became known as Vodafone.

Vodafone is the second largest mobile telecommunications company in the world with networks in over 30 countries. Research Proposal Sample on Vodafone UK Customer Satisfaction Introduction In the business industry, it is important to gather customer to make the product and services sold.

Therefore, keeping a customer is difficult in the business when it .

Staff motivation analysis in vodafone

Motivational Strategies Deployed by Vodafone UK () Ref: hrman Employees play a pivotal role in the success of organisational performance and therefore it is vital to make sure that they are provided with high job satisfaction. This study examined the correlation between employee retention, motivation and organization performance among bank employees in Lagos, Nigeria.

Introduction Of Vodafone Company. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Each and every staff has specific task to complete. Discuss the impact that different leadership style may have on motivation of employees of Vodafone and Lanka Bell in this circumstance.

Vodafone commissioned two primary research surveys, which form the core of this The secrets of employee motivation and loyalty A motivated, productive and loyal workforce requires more than flexibility. In this analysis, two other elements have a far more pronounced impact on employee motivation and loyalty.

In depth analysis of motivational factors at work in the health industry