Rainbow scratch paper

Rainbow Scratch art paper notebook Handmade magic drawing toys Imaginative Paper Two art activity books in a packing bag,each book have 10 pages,Total 20 pages. Kids can create colorful art by scratching off the black coating to reveal rainbow colors,build fine motor control and boost confidence through artistic expression. Use the scratcher to scratch away the black matte surface of the paper, revealing the brilliant rainbow colors beneath! Easy- scratch paper makes it easy for kids to create colorful, no-fail designs.

Rainbow scratch paper

History's Masterminds covers world history up to the year in a similar format as the high school TRISMS, though there are some differences.

In the high school level, more time is spent on each period in history, and students spend more time analyzing each civilization in depth, including the art, music, architecture, and literature of each culture.

In History's Masterminds, the emphasis is on chronological developments throughout history, including new inventions, geographical explorations, and science discoveries. In fact, students will be compiling information on these three topics into a course book throughout the program.

Children will also read and research their way Rainbow scratch paper history via historical fiction, biographies, and other resource books. History, geography, writing, language, literature, and science are all covered through this program. Math history is covered, but math itself is not; so you will need to supplement with a complete math curriculum Saxon Math is recommended.

The set is composed of a teacher's manual, student book, and a loose-leaf pack of student worksheets, research questionnaires, quizzes, and quarterly tests. The teacher's manual contains all of the lessons, assignments, teaching information, reading lists, and answer keys while the other two packs contain the forms and worksheets the student will need to complete the ssignments.

The author recommends completing this course over a 2-year period. There are 38 weeks of lessons included, and each week's activities are listed on a lesson plan grid, similar to what is used in the upper-level TRISMS books but with a few differences. The assignments are divided between science, inventions, explorers, and language.

A separate grid for each week lists recommended historical fiction, biographies and resource books while major historical events, suggested topics for research, and math history developments are also included. Each weekly lesson focuses on a different chronological span of time and covers all of these topics during that time period.

For each week, students will be reading historical fiction and other books and completing questionnaires for scientists, inventions, and explorers.

Rainbow scratch paper

Questionnaires include a series of questions about the topic that the student answers through researching the topic, using the library, and other available resources. The reading lists in the teacher's guide offer suggestions for resources, organized by lesson, which may help when researching.

There are separate science assignments for most weeks, which include experiments and research projects. Language assignments are more extensive and incorporate a wide variety of topics including poetry, book reports, letter writing, reports, public speaking, word roots, grammar, outlining, interviewing, bibliographies, and much more.

Because the emphasis is on exploring history in a very chronological way, creating a timeline is essential to the course. Famous inventors, scientists, explorers, other major historical figures and events will all be added to the timeline as they are studied each week.

Quizzes and tests are also included for reinforcement; quizzes are given every three lessons while tests are given four times throughout the year.

Overall, this course is not only a great way to try the TRISMS approach, but it offers great practice in researching and a terrific scope of our entire history as well. Its open-ended approach makes it useable with students of different grades, and it would be easy and fun!

Because it is so heavily book and research-based, this would be a good fit for you especially if you have pretty easy access to a library and if your students are fairly motivated and independent.Shop the largest selection of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cardstock sheets in the world.

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Known by many names including Cross Stitch on Gingham and Snowflaking, Chicken Scratch was made popular in . Giant-fringe holography? nondiffractive holograms?

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scratch-o-grams? holosketches? wire-brush holograms? car-hood holograms? Rainbow Scratch Art Set. This Rainbow Scratch Art Set contains a sheet of rainbow paper that has a removable coating and a scratching tool.

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Children can use the tool to scratch away the top coating to create magical art. Scratch Art Rainbow White Multicolour Paper This is heavy paper, firstly coated with 6 different colours in a random pattern, then coated with a top layer of white ink which can be scratched back by use of the Scratch-Art Sticks to reveal the colours beneath.

Use the scratcher to scratch away the black matte surface of the paper, revealing the brilliant rainbow colors beneath!Easy- scratch paper makes it easy for kids to create colorful, no-fail designs.

In each package 20 scratch off paper boards, each measuring x Inch plus two stylus-style scratchers.

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