Nestle and krafts transnational way

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Nestle and krafts transnational way

Brian Kerr talks post-merger culture, rocking foundations and betting on product innovation. Upheaval, for them, is quotidian. The top marketer at the newly merged CPG giant has, in his almost 20 years at the company he came from the Kraft sideweathered business mergers, company divestments, brand turnarounds and every volte-face in between.

His promotion came after surviving a series of potentially job-threatening shakeups: The former CPA is a bit of a job juggler. Designing a New Kraft Heinz House Kerr will tell anyone that his moving up the ladder was not simply fortuitous. Shouldering roles across three industries finance, sales and marketing at the company equipped him with a unique range of skills — which helped prepare him for the top job.

But his recent appointment is not the only thing to come out of his cross-industry experience: There are 55 staffers spread out across the two groups now, with the former focusing on marketing communications and new innovation.

Nestle and krafts transnational way

The business side, however, is more concerned with strategy — defining the way each brand plays in its respective categories, with an obvious focus on results. Each team, Kerr says, has full insights, analytics, sales and finance support. Focus Begets Innovation Partly as a result of the structural shift, the company is aiming to triple its annual product, brand and line extension launches this year, according to Kerr.

More unique to Canada, the Philadelphia brand is also expanding beyond traditional formats: But, in talking to consumers, we realized that it could go outside of that. While still a crowd-pleaser in the U. You need to have a unique environment for that to be able to happen.

And it all needs to be firmly rooted in the consumer. So we [took] those insights to our more popular brands in the grocery store, so people could also have those experiences at home.

Riserva is meant to meet that middle market. Classico is positioned as second only to homemade sauce. Riserva, on the other hand, is positioned as restaurant-quality sauce brought to your home. While much of his focus has been internal, working on structures and processes, he says he wants to start looking outside the organization.

At press time, Kerr was working on 15 marketing ideas that came about after marshalling meetings with his CMO associates in global markets.

Last summer, the company chose to work with three startups from the event — including Sampler, which helped it with targeted sampling for its coffee brands — and the department is organizing another event in the coming months. Predictably, the majority of costs were curbed through layoffs: It required us to become better owners in our businesses.

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Comprehensive coverage of the IUF Congress in Geneva, 19-22 March 2007

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Wake Up Canada! The European Canary Has Landed In North America Robert Verkerk, PhD June 1, Krafts and Unilevers of this world, as well as the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP), that represents pharmaceutical interests.

The corporations that are driving the process are transnational, so harmonization and. THE BRAZILIAN government sent on its way this week a roadshow meant to explain, to creditors across three continents, the agreement in principle reached last July to restructure Dollars 44bn (Pounds bn) of Brazil's foreign bank debt.

Such roadshows have become a convention over the decade since the onset of Latin America's debt crisis. Use the opportunity to play a part in guiding the IUF. It is by the way your IUF and not mine.

Nestle and krafts transnational way

Take the congress and drive it in a way that makes all of us feel that what emerges is our collective future and not only the future of secretariats in Geneva and elsewhere or a handful of vice-presidents and the president.

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