Knowledge unit 103 v1

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Knowledge unit 103 v1

The Fairey "Albacore" was a single-engine biplane designed as a torpedo-spotter reconnaissance aircraft. It was an all-metal monocoque fuselaged biplane, its wings braced with wire and covered with fabric.

It also had a heated enclosed cabin, was nicknamed the "Applecore", and was regarded as pleasant to fly. It did not carry any fancy electronic navigation gear but relied initially on the Observer reading a map and the stars, and the pilot checking his compass. It could carry either a lb torpedo or four lb bombs but its maximum speed without bomb load was only miles km per hour.

The squadron went into action on 31 Mayattacking E-boats off Zeebrugge and road and rail targets at Westende, Belgium. The squadron moved to Bircham Newton, Norfolk the following month, operating under the direction of RAF Coastal Command until November, making night attacks, laying mines and bombing shipping.

In Maythe squadron provided cover for the Dunkirk evacuation from Detling, and on 31 May bombed targets at Westende, and E-boats off Zeebrugge. On the morning of Friday 21st of June a Hudson on patrol spotted a German convoy of 5 freighters near Texel. The convoy was not located so the aircraft attacked Knowledge unit 103 v1 port of Texel The eight Albacores raided the DeKooy airfield and Willemsoord.

That ship was later salvaged by the Germans in October and towed off to Kiel where it was converted into a floating AA battery. They failed to find the German convoy. During their attack on the heavily defended De Kooy air-base, near Den Helder L came under heavy fire from the ground defences.

The aircraft was damaged and tried to escape over the Marsdiep waters to Texel island. All are buried in Den Burgh cemetery at Texel.

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In my opinion this type of naval torpedo bomber was not good or fast enough for this type of warfare. It might be they were flying an anti-shipping patrol over the Marsdiep area and flew over neighbouring De Kooy airfield by accident. I translated only a small part of an interesting and much longer story It was Luftwaffe fighter pilot Gefr.

Heinz zur Lage, of 3. Leeuwarden - who claimed the shooting down of this Albacore, at He thought it was a Havilland planeor maybe even a French craft. The crew of the Albacore were all captured.

Dyke died of his wounds and Leading Airman R. Peter Butterworth reported later: Soon the engine was damaged, so it was necessary to make a belly-landing on the island beach, at about Robert and I climbed out of the wreck after the crash landing and we laid down Vic on the sand beach, because he was badly injured.

A civilian, who was nearby relaxing before, reading a book till our smash! We were waiting next to Vic, trying to cheer him up, to the moment an ambulance was coming; then we were hiding in the dunes in those early times there was not yet something like an Atlantikwall.

Suddenly a girl came to us over there, speaking in English, that she had seen our landing and hiding and…. Maybe this was a perfect chance, so we followed her, and about half an hour later she came back with a first aid kit, because of our wounds.

She told us the Germans had destroyed and stolen many boats - and it was forbidden to go to the mainland; the only way to leave the island was via the regular ferry, controlled by the soldiers of course. But, with help of some other people, she was making a plan to escape ….?

While we were walking cautiously to this new address, via a country road, we suddenly found a bunch of Jerries were waiting there for us! Our first reaction was "run for your life", and each of us was going another way, but…. We gave up, also for the safety of that girl….Find what you need.

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Knowledge unit 103 v1

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