Jeff bezos and amazoncom essay

Online shoppers see Amazon.

Jeff bezos and amazoncom essay

How did it get to be such a juggernaut from its humble beginnings? Discuss how they scuttled the competition What are Amazon. Is its decision not to limit its sales to books, music, and movies, but to offer a much broader selection of items, a good marketing strategy?

With the broader selection, do you think the company will dilute its brand or extend the value proposition to its customers? Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos faced an opportunity rather than a business problem. In the early s, Bezos saw the huge potential for retail sales over the Internet and identified books as the most logical product for e-tailing.

In JulyBezos started Amazon. Over the years, the company has recognized that it must continually enhance its business models and online storefront by expanding its product selection, improving the customer experience, and adding services and alliances.

In addition, the company recognized early on the importance of order fulfillment and warehousing. It has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in building physical warehouses designed for shipping small packages to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Jeff bezos and amazoncom essay

Reaching Out to Customers In addition to its initial electronic bookstore, Amazon has expanded its offerings to a vast array of products and services segmented into three broad categories: Key features of the Amazon.

AmazonConnect allows customers to select their favorite authors, read about them, and then receive e-mails from those authors.

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Amazon Auctions hosts and operates auctions on behalf of individuals and small businesses throughout the world. The Shops service hosts electronic storefronts for a monthly fee, offering small businesses the opportunity to have customized storefronts supported by the richness of Amazon.

In addition, sales are supported by highly automated, efficient back-end systems. When a customer makes a return visit to Amazon. It also provides detailed product descriptions and ratings to help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

The site has an efficient search engine and other shopping aids.

Bythe company had more than 2 million partners worldwide that refer customers to Amazon. Starting inAmazon. In yet another extension of its services, in September Amazon. AmazonFresh is a grocery delivery service.

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AmazonConnect allows authors to post remarks on their book pages to customers who have bought their books. In JanuaryAmazon declared its first profit—for the fourth quarter.

Since then, the company has remained profitable. Annual sales for Amazon. Inthe Amazon.Amazon on the Brink of bankruptcy Essay.

Jeff bezos and amazoncom essay

Introduction. Amazon is a Fortune 5. American e- commerce company created by Jeff Bezos. CEO Jeff Bezos was an investment banker with no previous experience in the book publishing or retail industries. Amazon began in 1.

By September 1. Bezos says amazon has topped million prime members, amazoncom inc chief executive officer jeff bezos said the e commerce giant has exceeded million paid prime subscribers and will continue to invest to meet “ever rising” customer.

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Jeff Bezos, Founder of - Jeff Bezos, the founder of, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in His mother, Jackie, was in her teens when he was born and she was only married to his biological father for about a year.

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