Infosys consulting in 2006 leading the next generation of business and information technology consul

Further, in order to garner expertise in high-potential technology areas, we continued to work with high-quality venture-funded companies.

Infosys consulting in 2006 leading the next generation of business and information technology consul

We underwent a wide swath of internal changes over the last two fiscals, and took up new initiatives with Infosys in Australia and China, Progeon, our BPO subsidiary, and Infosys Consulting. Now was the time to nurture the roots of all that we had done.

As the year progressed, the cycle that had been created began to manifest.

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Our strong brand attracted more customers and employees. Our attention to scale allowed us to grow without noticeable speed breakers. Our investment in new services, restructuring of our business processes, and our focus on account management all led to buoyant performance.

We began the year giving a guidance of As the various initiatives kicked in, we achieved revenue and earnings growth of As the brouhaha over outsourcing faded, customers began to understand the true value of our business model.

The realization began to dawn that offshoring and outsourcing were not just a cost play, but provided the headroom in cost savings to enable companies re-architect how they ran their business.

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Early adopters were quick to seize this advantage. They started viewing us as long-term partners, who were vital to their business strategy.

But as important as the numbers, was the change in perception. Our growth was aided by a fundamental shift in the technology world. Four decades of innovation had created a plethora of products and services. The pace of digital technology ensured that computers and communications were becoming faster, smaller and more powerful.

Layers of technology and application infrastructure were being reduced to a commodity. As customers grappled with this cornucopia of riches in all its complexity, and often underleveraged the technology they had bought, the balance of power started to shift.

It began to move from those who provided the technology, to those who could put it to use for maximum business advantage. Our focus on services, built on an organic platform of global delivery, put us in the right place. This movement is a natural consequence of the maturing of our industry. Other industries, like automotive and retail, have seen similar progression, but what was unanticipated was the speed at which these different trends would collide, creating pools of opportunity that we, at Infosys, could take advantage of.

As our customers demanded more value, it became clear that we needed to configure our services, intellectual assets and experience each time, to maximize value for the customer. This trend towards smaller selective deals is working in our favor.

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We have continued to focus on scalability, the key to rapid growth, and on differentiation, the key to higher client value.

We are building a leaner, aligned organization to handle greater complexity, with our business units focused on verticals and geographies. This year, Infosys continued to strengthen its relationship with clients across industry verticals.

Our investments in new services have yielded returns both in terms of revenue and value differentiation.Leading the highly successful launch of next generation access fibre based VDSL products in an accelerated launch window. Driving sales and revenues and guidance on all operational aspects of the Operations Director - Buddy .

An international information technology consulting firm is an information technology consulting firm with offices or projects outside of the country where its head office is located. Drawing from a broad range of statements from experts from both Infosys Consulting and institutions from various sectors of the industry, this paper provides a high-level business-case viewpoint.

Technology Business Research (TBR), one of the leading hi-tech market research and consulting firms, ranked us No.1 in its quarterly benchmark of the professional services industry.

BusinessWeek listed us among the top tech companies in the world.

Infosys consulting in 2006 leading the next generation of business and information technology consul

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