Hci 510

Original development[ edit ] Psychologist James J. Gibson developed the concept of affordance over many years, culminating in his final book The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception [4] in He defined an affordance as what the environment provides or furnishes the animal. Notably, Gibson compares an affordance with an ecological niche emphasizing the way niches characterize how an animal lives in its environment.

Hci 510

When Ford debuted the HP 4. Yet the terrible power to weight ratio due to the extra pounds carried by the new body style left enthusiasts longing for the 5.

Achieving horsepower to the wheels with a 5. After all the 5. The overhead cam guys had no such lineage. What limited speed parts that were available for mod motors were expensive and included a degree of difficulty beyond the capabilities of most garage enthusiasts.

Fortunately things have changed over the past several years. Thanks to a host of aftermarket companies and engine builders dedicated to climbing the steep learning curve of the mod motor, that crowd now has its own set of high-power recipes.

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Companies such as Comp Cams have developed a nice lineup of overhead cams and upgraded springs. And while we don't yet have a true aftermarket modular cylinder head we have several companies offering CNC ported versions of the stock castings. Other products are quickly emerging too; a couple companies are finishing development of an aftermarket intake manifold.

Fidanza Engineering has produced adjustable cam gears which open up the realm of degreeing and dialing in the powerband. So the question that has to be asked is whether or not the 4. Moreover, can the average piece Craftsman tool set owning weekend enthusiast overcome the mod-motor modification fears and perform a head an cam swap himself?

Hci 510

In the next issue we'll drop the motor in our Mustang GT and reveal the dyno results. PI means "Power-Improved" referring to the revised casting introduced by Ford in The PI heads are a significant improvement over the ''98 castings.

While hand porting is possible for the highly-skilled, it is undoubted more cost effective to purchase a set of CNC ported PI heads from Patriot Performance. They offer three stages of their 5-axis CNC porting program. Patriot's heads feature larger valves, new springs and best of all do not require sending in a core.

The intake port on the Patriot stage II head measured 1. Note that the port is opened up to the stock gasket dimensions. On the Stage III head the increased flow is a result of a larger valve and hand blending in the bowl area.

The stock intake port on our PI performance improved head measured 1. The Patriot Stage II heads feature exhaust ports opened up.Save up to 40% on the Broan from leslutinsduphoenix.com Low Prices + Fast & Free Shipping on Most Orders.

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