Biography on ozzy osbourne essay

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Biography on ozzy osbourne essay

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Cited Quotes Ozzy Osbourne biography Complied by a lot of resources and interviews. Download a text only, printer-friendly version of this here or here. John Michael Osbourne was born on December 3, He was born to John Thomas Osbourne and his wife Lillian.

John Thomas Osbourne was a professional toolmaker and Lillian worked in a car factory. John Michael Osbourne became known as Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy was born into a very poor family. Ozzy only owned one pair of pants, one shirt, and one jacket. His apartment had no indoor plumbing and no indoor bathroom.

He even slept in one bed with all five of his siblings: At the age of 15, Ozzy dropped out of school to engage in the world of work.

Shortly after, Ozzy started working in a slaughterhouse, where he had partaken in the slaughtering of approximately cattle a day. Ozzy became tired of this, so after a few months, he quit and was given a job in the Lucas Car Factory with his mom.

Biography on ozzy osbourne essay

Together, they tested car horns. The income that Ozzy was making was very unsatisfactory, so he turned to a life of crime. He robbed homes and clothing stores wearing gloves that had the fingers cut out of them.

Thanks to this, Ozzy was always caught. He spent a lot of time in prison. The longest sentence he ever had to serve was 6 weeks in Winston Green Prison for burglary. It was in this period of time that Ozzy gave himself a few tattoos using a needle and graphite.

He admired the band and he became very mesmerized at the way that they were able to command an audience. He soon decided that he wanted to be just like them. Ozzy got his first shot at music while he was walking down the street one day and approached an old friend who had just formed a band that was named Approach.

The band needed a singer and Ozzy felt that he was the right man for the job. Ozzy and a friend, Terrance Butler, formed a band of their own named Rare Breed. The band was, basically, going nowhere, so Ozzy deemed it necessary to put an ad in a local newspaper which said: The two had their own band, which was named The Rest it was later changed to Mythology.

Tony went to the address on the ad and found out that this Ozzy was the same Ozzy that he used to beat up on the playground when he was young. The four combined to form a band that was called Polka Tulk. The band eventually changed its name to Earth.

It was recorded in 8 hours on two four-track machines. One night, Ozzy and the band were approached by a self-proclaimed witch and were asked to play at a satanic ceremony.

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The band declined the offer.A collection of 60 funny music quotes by musicians and composers. Check out the funny quotes about music and the musicians who created it.

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Now named Ozzy Osbourne, John was born on December 3, in Birmingham England. Ozzy grew up in a working class family and had to leave school at the age of /5(2). CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products.

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