An analysis of the fear in society of the existence of serial killers

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An analysis of the fear in society of the existence of serial killers

Characteristics[ edit ] Some commonly found characteristics of serial killers include the following: They may exhibit varying degrees of mental illness or psychopathywhich may contribute to their homicidal behavior.

Individuals engage in paraphilias which are organized along a continuum; participating in varying levels of fantasy perhaps by focusing on body parts partialismsymbolic objects which serve as physical extensions of the body fetishismor the anatomical physicality of the human body; specifically regarding its inner parts and sexual organs one example being necrophilia.

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Many are fascinated with fire setting. Kenneth Bianchi was teased as a child because he urinated in his pants, suffered twitching, and as a teenager was ignored by his peers.

He was considered a pillar of the local community; he even won a professional award for a children's asthma clinic and was interviewed by Granada Television 's World in Action on ITV.

Neither was known to have exhibited many of the tell-tale signs. German serial killer Fritz Haarmann with police detectives, November Development[ edit ] Many serial killers have faced similar problems in their childhood development.

Hickey's Trauma Control Model explains how early childhood trauma can set the child up for deviant behavior in adulthood; the child's environment either their parents or society is the dominant factor determining whether or not the child's behavior escalates into homicidal activity.

It was common for the serial killers to come from a family that had experienced divorce, separation, or the lack of a parent. Furthermore, nearly half of the serial killers had experienced some type of physical or sexual abuse, and even more had experienced emotional neglect.

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This neglect of the child leads to the lowering of their self-esteem and helps develop a fantasy world in which they are in control.

Hickey's Trauma Control Model supports how the neglect from parents can facilitate deviant behavior, especially if the child sees substance abuse in action.

An analysis of the fear in society of the existence of serial killers

If a child receives no support from those around him or her, then he or she is unlikely to recover from the traumatic event in a positive way.

As stated by E. Maccoby, "the family has continued to be seen as a major—perhaps the major—arena for socialization". Two serial killers, Bobby Joe Long and Richard Speckcame to attention for reported chromosomal abnormalities. Long had an extra X chromosome.

Speck was erroneously reported to have an extra Y chromosome ; in fact, his karyotype was performed twice and was normal each time. Hellen Morrison, an American forensic psychiatrist, said in an interview that while researchers have not identified a specific causal gene, the fact that the majority of serial killers are male leads researchers to believe there is "a change associated with the male chromosome make up.

This new reality becomes their fantasy that they have total control of and becomes part of their daily existence.

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In this fantasy world, their emotional development is guided and maintained. According to Garrison"the child becomes sociopathic because the normal development of the concepts of right and wrong and empathy towards others is retarded because the child's emotional and social development occurs within his self-centered fantasies.

A person can do no wrong in his own world and the pain of others is of no consequence when the purpose of the fantasy world is to satisfy the needs of one person" Garrison, Boundaries between fantasy and reality are lost and fantasies turn to dominance, control, sexual conquest, and violence, eventually leading to murder.

Fantasy can lead to the first step in the process of a dissociative state, which, in the words of Stephen Giannangelo, "allows the serial killer to leave the stream of consciousness for what is, to him, a better place".

The lack of empathy for their victims among young criminals is just one symptom of a problem that afflicts the whole society.

Scott also examines a psychological explanation of the existence of serial killers examining psychopathy in serial killers. "In the 19th century, psychopathy was considered to be moral insanity". Today it is commonly known as "antisocial personality disorder" (Scott, , p.1).5/5(8). He authored the critically acclaimed “Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American Culture.” Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy are among the serial killers who became iconic figures in America and are considered in the book. Murderpedia, the free online encyclopedic dictionary of murderers. The largest database about serial killers, mass murderers and spree killers around the world.

The ability for serial killers to appreciate the mental life of others is severely compromised, presumably leading to their dehumanization of others.

This process may be considered an expression of the intersubjectivity associated with a cognitive deficit regarding the capability to make sharp distinctions between other people and inanimate objects. For these individuals, objects can appear to possess animistic or humanistic power while people are perceived as objects.A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them.

Different authorities apply different criteria when designating serial killers. While most set a threshold of three murders, others extend it to four or. Murderpedia, the free online encyclopedic dictionary of murderers. The largest database about serial killers, mass murderers and spree killers around the world.

I offer shocking information about the motivations, fantasies and wicked deeds of predators in my new book “Why We Love Serial Killers: The Curious Appeal of the World’s Most Savage Murderers.

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Serial killers are not merely murderers but rather intelligent individuals having a history of abuse with a motivation to kill. Victims of serial murder die while the killers are in the process of making efforts to regain command and control of their lives by taking control of the life and death of the victim.

Jul 26,  · In the case of Anthony Sowell, one of America's most recent serial killers, murder was just one of the offenses that he committed.

In addition to committing at least eleven murders, for which he was charged, he was also charged rape and kidnapping, felonious . Serial Killers and Society. Mary is unraveling from fear yet trying her best to do anything she can to find help. Although, Mary is falling into the role of damsel in distress, but since we’re only half way through the story by the end of this book, I’m interested to see if she actually steps up to the plate and starts to take some.

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