Aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

Dedications It is a centuries-old tradition to place a note with a prayer or request in the Western Wall. Type in your prayer. Notes that are anti-Semitic or uncivilized in nature will be automatically deleted. This is a free service.

Aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

A good site for practicing your elementary Hebrew, too. Berhman House Online - Some fun interactive flash programs to help kids practice basic Hebrew. Behrman House is one of my favorite Jewish educational publishers.

Heart of Wisdom - A wonderful homeschooling resource. Jewish Kids Online - Tzivos Hashem is a global organization of Jewish boys and girls up to age thirteen. It is designed to serve as the umbrella of Jewish identity for every Jewish child regardless of background, family status, or orientation.

Torah Tots - A popular site devoted to teaching children the basics of Torah. A large site with lots of great information! Ariel Ministries - The solid teaching of Dr. Artists for Israel International - Dr. Includes Yiddish and Hebrew New Testaments. Their ministry is devoted to bringing that message to Jewish people Galilee of the Nations - Producers and distributors over 50 Messianic praise and worship albums from some of the most talented Messianic musical artists.

Howard Morgan Ministries - Dr. Morgan's Ministry Emphasizes Two Themes: Jesus is a Jew - A site providing a series of articles on the Jewishness of Jesus.

Messianic Dance Camps International - Mindy Seta teaches Messianic Jewish dance as a means of helping people experience emotional and physical healing.

Messianic Literary Corner - The Messianic Literary Corner is an independent Messianic Jewish Hebrew Christian ministry offering grace oriented teaching, prophecy studies, poetry, bulletin board, chat room, and more!

Olive Tree Ministries - Olive Tree Ministries helps interpret the news from a biblical and prophecy-related perspective with an emphasis on Israel and Middle East issues.

Seek God - An organization devoted to exposing the dark side of the Hebrew Roots movement, including the tendency toward occultic thinking and Gnosticism. If you are honest about your Messianic Judaism, you had better consider some of its sources. Tikkun International - A ministry of Dr.

Dan Juster partnering for the full restoration of Israel and the Church.

aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

Torah Class - In-depth inter-disciplinary teaching and study of the Torah and the Old Testament, presented from a Hebrew Roots perspective.

Free download of the streaming audio or audio files of the teachings, plus the accompanying Powerpoint graphics. Christian Sites Acts A free resource and a wonderful resource! Hook regarding America's place in acharit hayamim the last days.

Barnabas Fund - Barnabas Fund serves the suffering Church and makes their needs known to Christians around the world. Bible Sprout - Bible Sprout is an evangelical website focused on providing the best information about Christianity and providing users the ability to go deeper in their faith.

Bruderhof Communities - An outstanding resource for Christians to explore the depths of their faith. Many free e-books available for download! Christian Action for Israel - Exists to counter the increasing proliferation of destructive anti-Semitism and anti-Israel misinformation, and to expose the prevailing Anti-Israel bias in mainstream media.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. Includes the Audio Greek New Testament. Early Christian Writings - An online compendium of various books providing background information about the New Testament.

Got Questions Ministries - Got Questions Ministries seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing Biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually-related questions through an internet presence.

A great site with lots of helpful information! The Hal Lindsey Report - An excellent resource for understanding current events in light of the great prophetic truths of the Scriptures.

aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

Jews for Jesus - One of the pioneers in the Messianic Movement. Lambert Dolphin's Library - Physicist and Bible scholar Lambert Dolphin provides an array of fascinating articles and timely meditations.

Prophezine - A teaching ministry produced by Ray and Trace Gano. The web ministry, an extension of the PropheZine newsletter, began in and has been growing since. Rapture Forums - An interactive community for information on the rapture of the church and end times according to Bible prophecy.Join Us for Webinar Update on the Kotel.

Join Us for Webinar Update on the Kotel many of these Reform leaders joined their friends and colleagues in the Conservative Jewish community in writing to Prime Minister Netanyahu to say that they will not stand for unequal The artwork on this note card was created by WRJ Art Calendar.

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Aish HaTorah, a leading organization in the realm of creative Jewish educational programs and leadership training, was founded in and has been trying to revitalize the Jewish community ever since. Now it is expanding its programming on Judaism and the environment by attempting to create an eco-fellowship that will focus on “the Jewish.

Want to place a note between the Kotel stones, but not able to come in person? We’re here to help. Write the content of your note and we’ll make sure it is placed between the holy stones.

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Sure, it looks quite unnatural. I chose the surreal look because the Kotel has been done so often. The Dale Chihuly glass installation in the atrium of Aish haTorah was done with three separate exposures.

I post-processed it to look a bit more natural, so you can actually see the colours, shading, and texture of the glass that would otherwise.

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Aish Hatorah New York is not Aish International, the massive Orthodox outreach organization with ties to controversial anti-Muslim films, but a smaller New York-based affiliate that reaches out to. Aish HaTorah Clifton Avenue Suite 4 Clifton, NJ, USA All donations are tax deductible.

Aish HaTorah has an exemption granted pursuant to section (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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