A discussion on english being the national language of the united states

Introduction The debate on whether the United States should declare English as its official language has been a topic thoroughly discussed among the halls of Congress for some time now. It is an issue that affects millions of individuals and has implications that may not be entirely known to those that it most seriously affects. Currently, there are 23 states that have declared English as the official language of their respective states.

A discussion on english being the national language of the united states

Does official English advance the former or later? Censusby providing a common means of communication. Steve Balich, the Homer, Illinois township's clerk and author of a July resolution calling for official English: It's really as simple as that" [2] This is a common provision in many countries abroad, and a reasonable request by a government and nation that has always conducted its official governing in English.

But, it is another thing entirely for a citizen to demand these services as a right. Official English has nothing to do with discrimination. This isn't about race. People from every race come to the US and learn to understand the American dialect of English.

Suggesting learning English is too hard for some is racist. Suggesting that learning English is easy for some races and difficult for other races is, itself, racist. Anybody can learn English. It is not too high of a burden to ask them to do so in order to live in the United States.

Choice exists to learn language; Official English not discrimination. Real forms of discrimination aim at the inherent characteristics of an individual that they cannot change such as their skin color or national origin.

But, language is different, as an individual can choose to learn English. If they feel disadvantaged because they are not able to read government documents, ballots, or defend themselves in court, it is fully their choice to change this by learning English.

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Too many languages for right to govt services in own language. There are over three hundred languages spoken in the United States. Giving all of those individuals, in all of those different languages, the right to demand government services in their own language is preposterous.

If we give Spanish speaking people this right, we would naturally have to extend the right to all the other some-odd languages and those that speak them. This would unreasonably burden government services, adding a huge layer of bureaucracy and costs.

Even then, inevitably, somebody with some obscure language will find that their "right" to have services provided to them in their own language will not be adequately fulfilled at some government facility.

A discussion on english being the national language of the united states

This is a bad combination in public policy; a right that cannot be provided adequately that nevertheless adds billions of dollars in extra costs for US government and taxpayers. This has been the effect, for example, of the efforts of the English to impose the English language in Ireland, of Soviet efforts to impose the Russian language on non-Russian nationalities, and of Franco's efforts to impose Spanish on the Basques and Catalans.

Switzerland has four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. All four languages have equal status and children are educated in the language spoken in the region where they live.Claim: A proposal to make German the official language of the United States of America was defeated in Congress by one vote.

Status: False. Origins: Legend has it that in a bill to establish. Dec 31,  · The United States is home to native speakers of more than languages, and it finds itself catering to people who speak Arabic, French and Chinese, as well as Spanish.

But don’t feel bad, the vast majority of people would answer that English is the official language of the United States of America.

English is the de facto language since, at this point, it is the most widely spoken language in the nation. Many people are surprised to learn that the United States has no official language.

As one of the major centers of commerce and trade, and a major English-speaking country, many assume that English is the country's official language. But despite efforts over the years, the United States has no official language. U.S.

A discussion on english being the national language of the united states

English is a national, non-partisan, non-profit citizens' group whose mission is to preserve the role of the English language in the United States and make it the official language of the government, thereby encouraging immigrants .

Why English Is Not the "Official Language" of the United States By Bernie Reeves Language is a mystery that has baffled science and religion since the first recorded utterance of upright man.

The United States Doesn't Have an Official Language